Adventure Time Music from Seasons 1-3

As promised, I present Adventure Time, the Soundtrack.

Archive of Adventure Time Music from Seasons 1-3 [23.1 MB]

I found most of them via youtube and the adventure time blogs. Support Adventure Time by buying the DVDs!

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Rebecca Sugar’s Adventure Time demos

I put together the talented Rebecca Sugar’s song demos for Adventure Time:

Rebecca Sugar – Adventure Time demos mp3

I found them on her blogs and, and figured that I’m probably not the only fan who wants to listen to her amazing songs on my phone and computer. Thanks Rebecca for putting them online!

Track listing:

  • Rebecca Sugar – All Gummed Up Inside.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – All Warmed Up Inside.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – I’m Just Your Problem.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – My Best Friends in the World.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – Oh Fionna.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – Sleepy Puppies.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – Susan Strong.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – The song from Nightosphere.mp3
  • Rebecca Sugar – Tropical Island Song.mp3
flame princess sketch, also by Rebecca Sugar

Adventure Time soundtrack

Adventure Time music is awesome, so I’ve spent some time scouring the internets for all music and songs related to Adventure Time. Too bad there’s probably a lot of legalities concerning releasing something like that.

If only there was an official one fans could buy. Oh well – expect the compilation post soon =).

Marceline with her axe bass.


Longevous Joy Menu

Another addition due to lack of a menu online. From ramen shop Longevous Joy, in Bensonhurst (Brooklyn).

Honestly, the ramen didn’t compare to what you would find in Manhattan ramen shops, or ZuZu Ramen in Gowanus. Served warm as opposed to hot, pork was far from tender, and I don’t remember noodles or broth being anything special. However it was shortly before closing time, so perhaps that had an effect on the food?

HelloWorld Android App in 10 Steps

Finished product.

I was a little annoyed by the fact that the setup of a development environment and the creation of a simple app for the Android system was so spread out all over the place on Android’s developer website, so I decided to write up my own quick guide/tutorial/howto.

Don’t get me wrong, the developer website is great, I just wanted all the steps to installing the environment and creating an app in one place.

These instructions apply whether you’re using a Mac, PC, or Linux. All of the software below is cross-platform.

Please leave a comment if anything is unclear.

1)   If you don’t already have it, download/install JDK.

2)   Download and install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (any package of Eclipse should be okay though; this particular one was the smallest download).

3)   Download and install the latest version of Android SDK. Continue reading “HelloWorld Android App in 10 Steps”

Citizen Gotham2 Folding Bike Review


I think I’m a fairly moderate user of bicycles. While I don’t commute on a bicycle every day, it’s one of my primary modes of transportation – whether I’m going to get groceries, on an errand, rock-climbing at my local gym, etc. Basically any destination that’s less than 10 miles away.

I have also often been in situations where I needed to transport my bicycle – the college I attend is 60 miles away so I often take a train to get there, or a car (if I have access to one). With a bicycle I can skip the subway/campus bus on my way to the train/parking lot, and also get around campus.

A normal bicycle is rather unwieldy in that you will either end up sitting in a special section on the train while making sure you’re bike is stable for 2 hours, if you’re lucky, or standing on the train for 2 hours. If you’re driving, you would need a large car to fit the bicycle, or a bicycle rack to set up every time you take it with you. This is where I was hoping a folding bike like Gotham2 would come in handy.

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